Saturday, 20 March 2010

Last night we were having steak fajitas so I got some rump steak, bashed the life out of it, cut it into strips and made the MOST amazing marinade. Seriously, you have to try it.

In a pestle and mortar I crushed a large clove of garlic with 2 cubes of brown sugar (perruche natch :wink: ) and a tablespoonful of cumin seeds, I then added a tablespoonful of smoked paprika, a teaspoonful of smoked chillies, a tablespoonful of dijon mustard, a couple of tblsps of dark soy and about 3 tblspns of really good Kentucky bourbon. And I lightened the whole thing up with the juice of half a seville orange.

OMG it tasted amazing and that was before it had worked its magic on the steak. It was really delicious and one of my internet friends sugessted using it on ribs and I agree that would be amazing.

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