Thursday, 18 February 2010

Those Pizza Express Legera Pizzas are pretty good actually

Ok so it is a bit odd ordering a pizza with the centre taken out but they do it well, it is presented nicely on a big black slate like thing and has a load of salad in the middle and you do not feel deprived or that you are eating something specifically weirdy for fatsos. 500 cals, can't remember how many WKSC points or grammes of sat fat but essentially it allows you to go out and eat something tasty without pigging out. Result.


  1. Eh? So its actually an empty circle of dough with no topping!?

  2. No no no, there is a topping around the edge, mine had the regular tomato base with mozzarella, chicken and tabasco. It was really tasty but realistically about a third of the size of a regular Pizza Express pizza.