Friday, 12 February 2010

What I am about

I was a chef. But I am not working as a chef now and my enthusiasm for cooking (and wine) means that I have beefed up considerably and I need to get back to being lovely, not lardy.

So I am doing fine, I have lost 17lbs with the aid of a Well Known Slimming Club, so far so good.

But food is really important to me and I can't countenance the revolting ready meals the Well Known Slimming Club (known henceforth as WKSC) push on their members so I have been wracking my brain for ways of cooking delicious foods with low fat (and 'points' from the WKSC) and relatively low carb content.

I thought a blog would be a good way of keeping note of these recipes and ideas and might even prove helpful to others who also face the depressing prospect of tasteless diet food. And so I created Slendertome.

I also would really welcome ideas from like-minded circumferentially challenged enthusiastic cooks.

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